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Honors Thesis



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Kristal L. Williams


Objective To investigate three domains of the student-run Butler University Community Outreach Pharmacy’s (BUCOP) mission statement. Methods This multi-phase, survey-based study evaluated the execution of BUCOP’s mission statement in the areas of service, education, and advocacy. Results The service survey found that the majority (~78%) of patients were satisfied with most aspects of BUCOP’s care; however, patients were most displeased with hours of operation and wait time. The education survey results demonstrated BUCOP’s role as an early confidence-building experience; however, noteworthy clinical interactions with medical students were limited. The advocacy survey revealed that 96% of community members interviewed were unaware of BUCOP; however, they reported comfort with students providing prescriptions and counseling. Conclusion BUCOP is satisfactorily fulfilling its mission statement in terms of service and education, but improvements can be made to better impact patients and students. In the area of advocacy, particularly community awareness of BUCOP’s free healthcare services, the mission is not being fulfilled.