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Espyramids and Doublets


Willard R. Espy


The following puzzles are excerpted from a book entitled Word Puzzles to be published by Dembner Enterprises in September 1983. In an "ESPYramid Up" one enlarges a one-letter word letter by letter, each addition making a new word, rearranging the letters as need dictates (a-at-tea-mate-steam-master...). The "ESPYramid Down" reverses this process, subtracting letters one at a time and rearranging the remainder. In "Doublets", inspired by the Lewis Carroll word game, a word is gradually changed into another of opposite meaning by replacing one letter at a time, the rest remaining undisturbed and each move resulting in a new word (suite-spite-spine-swine-swing-swung-stung...).