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A Little Bow Peep


Even non-toxophilites (look it up!) out there must realize that archery, now a sport for a few, was a business and a necessary skill for many in days gone by when the yeomen who were bowmen were the military strength of a nation. You can see how many of our ancestors were connected with archery in peace and war when you reflect on the surnames that have come down to us such as Arrowsmith, Fletcher, Bowman, Archer, Stringer and even Abbott (“at the butts”). Here is a peep or little look at the once-big business of archery, once so entrenched in our lives that it not only gave us those surnames (and more) but also a number of words and expressions that remain in use even though few of us today have ever drawn a bow or taken aim at a target. In the same way, expressions such as dial a number and around the clock survive in these days of push-button telephones and digital watches. Try thinking of some more expressions such as those – and see what you can do to provide the words taken from archery for the following 20 expressions.