Word Ways


One of the aesthetic delights available to logologists is contemplating isograms: words, names, and other verbal entitites in which each of the alphabetic letters used appears the same specified number of times. PSEUDOMYTHICAL, for instance, is a solo isogram, using each of 14 different letters once; HAPPENCHANCE is a pair isogram, using each of 6 different letters twice; and SESTETTES is a trio isogram, using each of 3 different letters three times. In a cryptographic context, solo isograms are known as nonpattern terms; in a pangrammatic setting, as partial pangrams. Beyond trio isograms lie hitherto unexplored higher orders -- tetrad, pentrad, and hexad isograms. Short isograms are plentiful, long ones a rarity, making the search for the latter a logological challenge and their discovery unusually rewarding: the numerical balance they display is an unexcelled form of verbal beauty.