Word Ways


Darryl Francis


I have two daughters, Jade Roxann, who was born in 1981, and Elli Caroline, born in 1984. Over fifteen years ago, I wrote an article for Word Ways entitled "Caroline" which appeared in the May 1971 issue. That particular article examined a variety of wordplay based on the letters in the name CAROLINE. While that article preceded the appearance of my second daughter by over thirteen years, there has until now been no article related to either forename of my first daughter. As I am beginning to find that each daughter wants what the other has, I felt it was about time to generate an article for my elder daughter, celebrating either of her forenames. This, then, is the article which examines some of the wordplay that can be put in place round the name JADE. (I could have chosen ROXANN, but I felt that JADE offered more logological scope. So, what can be done with the letters of JADE?