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-Gry Words In The OED


A. Ross Eckler


Now that the Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary is available on the Cd-Rom (see review elsewhere in this issue), and phrase ending in -GRY is that august work - and, at the same time, check the diligence of those who previously mined out these words by hand. There are, in fact, only seven words not previously spotted in the OED by Word Ways researchers; these are labeled with + below. One of these, UNAGRY, was noted in another dictionary. Five are variants or compounds based on ANGRY and HUNGRY: NANGRY, LAND-HUNGRY, LEATHER-HUNGRY, MAN-HUNGRY, AND YEARD-HUNGRY. The last one, IGGRY, was cited in the August issue of Word Ways in a review of "Dickson's Word Tresury".