Word Ways


Susan Thorpe


Various aspects of 'elemental' wordplay have appeared in previous issues of Word Ways in "An Elemental Problem" in February 1978, Dmitri Borgmann noted that LIVERS was an anagram of SILVER, NONE of NEON, ADORN of RADON, and DALE of LEAD, and that PLATINUM was A TIN LUMP! IN February and August 1971, Mary YOungquist, Philip Cohen and Murray Pearce substituted an element for its symbol in a word to make another, elemental, word. This operation turned Sated into SULPHURated, FEy into IRONy, AGed into SILVERed, CUed into COPPERed, and, an excellent internal one, baSis into baSILICONs. To these we now add jARGON, suitably expanded from jAR!