Word Ways


Jim Puder


A very long time ago there lived a tribe of primitive cave-people who had learned how to write but who could not yet speak in complete sentences. When, therefore, Thog the Thinker one day ascended the Speaker's Stone and casually let drop the first complete sentence that anyone had ever heard, the sensation was terrific. Thog's achievement was all the more astounding inasmuch as the tribe's wisest heads had long opined, in disconnected grunts, that the formulation of a complete sentence was a feat considerably beyond the compass of human ingenuity. In a state of high excitement, Skog the Scrivener rushed off to inscribe Thog's incredible sentence on the wall of the Cave of Culture lest it be lost from memory - as if anyone could ever forget those immortal words! For weeks afterwards, tribespeople crowded the Cave of Culture from dawn to dusk to stand in mute admiration of Thog's sentence, of the almost magically synergistic way in which all of its words meshed together in a common purpose.