Word Ways


Darryl Francis


Two-letter words can be plotted as points on a two-dimensional plane. The first letter of a two-letter word is plotted against the x-axis, and the second letter is plotted against the y-axis. Along the x-axis, x=1 is equivalent to the letter A, x=2 is equivalent to the letter B, and so on, with x=26 being equivalent to the letter Z. Similarly, plot the second letter of a word on the y-axis, with y=1 equivalent to A, y=2 equivalent to B, etc. So, for example, take the two-letter word HE. The H corresponds to x=8 and the E corresponds to y=5. The point (x=8, y=5), or, more compactly, (8,5), can be used to represent the word HE in two-dimensional space.