Word Ways


Dave Morice


I have never misspelled a word in my life. I've tried to do it many times, but who can consciously misspell a word? Once I tried misspelling DOG. I typed DAHG, careful not to hit the O key instead of the A and the H. But since I intended to spell it that way, I didn't spell it. I merely succeeded in spelling an unconventional variant of it. If I had accidentally typed DOG, then i would've spelled DAHG. So I tried to purposely misspell DAHG instead of DOG, and it worked! I typed DOG. But no, it didn't work. In attempting to misspell DAHG, I actually spelled DOG in two different, correct ways! First, I succeeded in spelling DAHG incorrectly, which I intended to do, and second, I spelled DOG in the correct way.