Word Ways



Susan Thorpe's pioneering excursion into alphanumeric arithmetic (WW '04-78) inspired me to look at the flip side of the coin and explore the alphanumerics of verbal equations. This involves adding up the numerical values of their letters using A=1 thru Z=26.* I began with the anagram ELEVEN + TWO = TWELVE + ONE reported by Melvin O. Wellman in the April '48 issue of The Enigma, journal of the National Puzzlers League. This often regarded as the most perfect of all English anagrams. I reported several numero-logological coincidences regarding it in WW '02-308. I now report five more remarkable coincidences: three straightforward alphanumerics (lines 5, 15/19, 21/22 below) and two party contrived after '02-308 (6, 8/11).