Word Ways


Rex Gooch


In "A Challenge Answered" in the May 1995 Word Ways. Darryl Francis responded to a challenge of Tom Pulliam to assign words to all the numbers from 1 upwards, using the letter sum of words (A=1, B=2, etc.). He reached 250, microminiaturisation, but missed 249. In "Extending Francis" in August 1995, the editor collated responses from various contributors to fill that gap, extending the unbroken run to 354. In the February 1997 Word Ways, I gave words matching numerical palidnromes, adding 3693, 373, 383, 393, 434, 454, 474, and 484. In the august 1998 Word Ways, I gave many dense words, but they were given as averages per letter, and in the November 2003 issue Susan Thorpe similarly gave dense words for 367, 374, 368, 369, 400, 402, 408, 409, 420, and 481. I have ignored the last two references, as they were constrained to the shortest word, irrespective of source.