Q: What kind of work can I submit?
A: Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, comics, and lists. Especially the last three. We want more of those.

Q: Simultaneous submissions okay?
A: You bet. But you should know that if your work is accepted elsewhere and you don’t bother to withdraw it from our submission manager, your name goes on the Secret Blackball Wiki shared by every lit mag editor on the planet.

Q: How about multiple submissions? I’ll send you my whole collection, and you guys can pick which villanelle you like.
A: With poems, you can send up to 5. With everything else, just send one thing at a time, please. If we kick it back, you can send us something else right away.

Q: Do you take submissions during the summer?
A: We accept work from September through May. Once June hits, we put our brains in the chest freezer so we can pursue other interests.*

Q: How much can I submit?
A: Depends on the category.
Poetry: up to 5 poems
Fiction or Creative Nonfiction: up to 7,500 words
Literary Comics: up to 20 pages, JPEG, width: 850-900px, Landscape preferred
Art: JPEG, width: 850-900px, Landscape preferred

Q: I know you have a fancy new submission manager, but is it cool if I just send you an email, or mail you a hard copy?
A: Sorry, no. But don’t be sad. Try Submittable. I think you’ll like it.

Click Here for the Submission Manager

*editors’ other interests include, but are not limited to: SuperMario Bros., Sun King beer, wiffle ball, The Wire, and fat paperbacks semi-waterlogged from reading at the pool.