Computer Science & Software Engineering offers majors in computer science and in software engineering, plus they also offer a minor in computer science. The highlights of their program include the supercomputer (named "Big Dawg"), their service learning program called EPICS, active research activities, and many connections with local industry including and opportunities for internships.

Below you will find scholarly and other professional works of faculty in the field of Computer Science & Software Engineering.


Documents from 2010

A Randomized Sublinear Time Parallel GCD Algorithm for the EREW PRAM, Jonathan P. Sorenson

Documents from 2009

Computing Prime Harmonic Sums, Eric Bach, Dominic Klyve, and Jonathan P. Sorenson

Collapsible graphs and reductions of line graphs, Zhi-Hong Chen, Peter C.B. Lam, and Wai-Chee Shiu

Documents from 2007

Modular exponentiation via the explicit Chinese remainder theorem, Daniel J. Bernstein and Jonathan P. Sorenson

An s-Hamiltonian Line Graph Problem, Zhi-Hong Chen, Wai-Chee Shiu, and Deying Li


On the Size of Succinct Indices, Alexander Golynski and Ankur Gupta

A Framework for Dynamizing Succinct Data Structures, Ankur Gupta, Wing K. Hon, Rahul Shah, and Jeffery S. Vitter


Temperature-driven transition from the Wigner crystal to the bond-charge-density wave in the quasi-one-dimensional quarter-filled band, Rahul Hardikar

Documents from 2006

Spanning Eulerian Subgraphs in claw-free graphs, Zhi-Hong Chen, Hong-Jian Lai, Weiqi Luo, and Yehomg Shao

Spanning trails containing given edges, Zhi-Hong Chen, Weiqi Luo, and Wei-Guo Chen

Comprehension and Maintenance of Large Scale Multi-Language Software Applications: Open Issues and Challenges, Kostas Kontogiannis, Panos K. Linos, and Kenny Wong

Crafting A Measurement Framework Using A goal-Question-Metric Approach, Panos K. Linos

A metrics Tool for Multi-language .NET Software Applications, Panos K. Linos, G. McGullogh, and E. Maier

Fast Bounds on the Distribution of Smooth Numbers, Scott T. Parsell and Jonathan P. Sorenson

The Pseudosquares Prime Sieve, Jonathan P. Sorenson

Documents from 2005

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Software, Maintenance and Evolution, Panos K. Linos

EPICS: A Service Learning Program at Butler University, Jonathan P. Sorenson and Panos K. Linos

EPICS: A Service Learning Program at Butler University, Jonathan P. Sorenson and Panos K. Linos

Documents from 1997

Genetic Algorithms for the Extended GCD Problem, Jonathan P. Sorenson