Sarah Layden


Timing Scenario 1: The hit absorbed by the small car with excellent safety features prevented the big car from hitting a third, uninvolved car, an aged hatchback that would've crumpled like a wadded sheet of paper. In that car would be small children, a young mother cavalier with seatbelts. Her cigarette inches from the child in the passenger seat. The collision would push the glowing cherry directly into the child's eye. The collision that could've happened a mile up the road, but was prevented by the driver of the small car leaving five minutes late (Timing Scenario 2). There was coffee to be drunk, email to be checked, breakfast nearly forgotten but a piece of bread quickly toasted, quickly eaten. An email reconsidered, edited carefully, then reworded. The momentary regret of hitting "send." The clock checked, the panic of where-are-some-socks.