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Winesburg, Indiana: Dear Class of 2011


Dear Class of 2011, The room as I sit looking at it (once again) is the usual square-and-rectangle composite, only now it contains an additional rectangular item: this handheld reading device for which I thank you, though it will not stave off loneliness, if that's what you were thinking. At this point I don't even care anymore. It's fine, let it be there, loneliness, I like it. In fact I'm so used to it, I prefer it that way because then I can do things exactly as I think they should be, exactly as I want them.

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"This story is exclusively available in the anthology, Winesburg, Indiana, published by Breakaway Books, an imprint of Indiana University Press, in the spring of 2015. Available wherever fine books are sold, borrowed, or used as dowry."