Article Title

Shadow Play


Randal O'Wain


Before Bobby vanished, him and me sold plastics to the Shade Point PD in exchange for candy corn, chocolate bars, and chewing gum. Our go-to guy, Lieutenant Hurns, was a two-ton boa constrictor with jack o’ lantern eyes, but he always took our goods. I’d known The Boa since my days on the force, back before I got canned. Back before I became a private eye and took up the junk trade. We scavenged, mostly—Bobby and me. Dumpsters, vacant houses, and the occasional big lift from department stores kept us in steady supply. Usually we got The Boa strong fibered stuff like Honey Walkers, Catalina Black Cats, and Potato Heads. I prided myself on doing good business. Treat a customer right and he’ll come back—that’s what Sarge always said...