BU Health is Butler University’s open-access, multimedia, healthcare journal created by students in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Every year, one volume is published with content related to health, wellness, and life sciences. Each volume includes several unique, evidence-based, peer-reviewed articles as well as a variety of multimedia pieces made available to our campus community and beyond. BU Health is student-driven, designed to offer pharmacy and health science students the opportunity to write, edit, and publish articles as well as develop multimedia including infographics, podcasts, and videos.

Current Volume: Volume 1 (2023)

Articles and Multimedia


You Are What You Eat
Allyson Ditmars

Faculty Editor

Annette McFarland, PharmD, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice, Butler University COPHS


Brittany Heer, MLIS, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences Librarian, Butler University COPHS

Student Editorial Board

Ella Davis
Allyson Ditmars
Eliana Felgner
Courtney Fella
Hannah Hinrichs
Catherine Jasper
​Emmah Keller
Karmen Koch
​Abby Novak
​Anna Sharshon
​Alex Szewczyk
​Lauren Ulsas
Jackson Widlic

Contributing Student Editor

Neethu George , PharmD Candidate

Library Support/Digital Editor

Cale Erwin, Scholarly Communications Associate, Butler University Libraries