How May I Serve you? Revelations in Education

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Isn’t the purpose of “education” about living outside the walls of our classrooms and schools? Yet, as a society, it feels we tend to separate and isolate the components of school topics and agendas from real life, real time experiences. How we handle disappointment, stress, and the values we embrace begin in classrooms where our first introductions to an expanded social life are formed. This is a story of “perspective and service” initiating the power of emotional and social learning in schools. One simple question could change our perspectives and therefore the outcomes of how we view conflict and handle disagreements in our homes and classrooms. Those conflicts that appear to suck us dry of energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to look deeply at the possibilities of change. What if you implemented a five word question trusting that an emotional connection with your students, colleagues, family members and friends could re- ignite compassion and therefore rebuild or renew a relationship that is awaiting understanding? There is such a question and it begins with a gentle philosophy that warms up the heart, much like a dress rehearsal before a performance. This question is so powerful that it stops a heated conflict with such force that persons grow quiet trying to process the question long after it has been asked. “How May I Serve You?” We observe our public schools floundering, with an increase in standardized assessments and conflicts growing over teacher evaluations based on student growth models. Yet, it feels to be the same dialogue originating from the outside in; a desire to fix and control what is broken without a deeper understanding of relationships and self and systemic reflections. Open up and look inside - discovering that educational reform begins with the creation of relationships and a compassionate presence, felt by all.


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