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Urban Education

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Louie F. Rodriguez’ (2012) Teachers College Record conceptual paper issues a call to “researchers, practitioners, and policy makers [to]…problematize the concept of recognition…and to introduce a conceptual framework to understand, examine, and help rectify the crisis facing [Latina/o youth]” (p. 1). Though Rodriguez has explicitly named Latina/o youth within the title of his Framework of Recognition, Rodriguez clearly states his intent to extend applications of the Framework beyond Latina/o youth to include other marginalized students, including “students with disabilities, English language learners, immigrants, gay/lesbian/bisexual youth, and students who identify with alternative forms of music, art, and culture” (p.25). Indeed, Rodriguez expresses his hope that “readers may create their own forms of recognition, build on this proposed framework, and apply it to other marginalized populations” (p.26). This study takes up the invitation and puts Rodriguez’ Framework to work as a lens through which to view race-based teacher professional development, resulting in a new Framework of Professional Recognition for Educational Equity (FPREE) which makes visible the multiple aspects that must simultaneously be in place and attended to by educators seeking to interrupt and eliminate systemic inequities for marginalized students.


This is a pre-print version of an article to be published in Urban Education. NOTE: this article is pending revision and may not reflect the changes made in the final, peer-reviewed version.