Audiobooks for Struggling Readers: Using Audio-Assisted Reading in a Balanced Literacy Program

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Educators and parents know that when it comes to promoting literacy, the more kids read, the better they get at it; and as they gain proficiency as readers, the more they enjoy reading. But, what if children can?t read what is of interest to them? Assisted reading, the practice of listening to a fluent model while following along with the text, is designed to provide a bridge to the wonderful world of print. It enables readers to use multiple avenues of sensory input to process information. Researchers have cited improvements in reading due to the self- confidence gained by increased fluency and comprehension and the enjoyment of reading high- interest material. This book summarizes the history of assisted reading from its genesis decades ago to recent innovations with modern technology. Audiobooks and Struggling Readers also presents findings from a study on the effects of audio- assisted reading with digital audiobooks for students with reading disabilities. Theoretical underpinnings are addressed and key studies are reviewed. Practical applications for the use of authentic children?s literature in the form of audiobooks are described.


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