Redesign of a Statewide Teaching Certificate Program for Pharmacy Residents

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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education




Objectives. To identify and assess changes made to the Indiana Pharmacy Resident Teaching Certificate program over 10 years to adapt to the growing number and changing needs of pharmacy educators in the next generation.

Design. In 2011, all resident program participants and directors were sent an electronic survey instrument designed to assess the perceived value of each program component.

Assessment. Since 2003, the number of program participants has tripled, and the program has expanded to include additional core requirements and continuing education. Participants generally agreed that the speakers, seminar topics, seminar video recordings, and seminar offerings during the fall semester were program strengths. The program redesign included availability of online registration; a 2-day conference format; retention of those seminars perceived to be most important, according to survey results; implementation of a registration fee; electronic teaching portfolio submission; and establishment of teaching mentors.

Conclusion. With the growing number of residents and residency programs, pharmacy teaching certificate programs must accommodate more participants while continuing to provide quality instruction, faculty mentorship, and opportunities for classroom presentations and student precepting. The Indiana Pharmacy Resident Teaching Certificate program has successfully evolved over the last 10 years to meet these challenges by implementing successful programmatic changes in response to residency program director and past program participant feedback.


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