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Faith, Doubt, and Reason

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Faith, doubt, and reason are universal human faculties, yet they are frequently misunderstood, denigrated, and even abused. What does it mean to have faith, and what distinguishes faith from belief? Can someone have faith without religious commitments? What is doubt, and what is its relationship to faith and belief? How do we make sense of evil and suffering? What roles does reason play in our lives? What do we do when we have the sneaking suspicion that life is absurd? What do we love, and what do we fear? How do faith, doubt, and reason interrelate? Faith, doubt, and reason not only can work together: they must work together if we are to live lives of meaning and purpose. This book explores the significance of these three universal human faculties and the central role they play in our quest for the meaning of life. Drawing on classic texts in theology, philosophy, literature, and the Bible, Faith, Doubt, and Reason invites readers to delve deeply into the quest for the meaning of life in all its ambiguity, mystery, and tragic beauty.


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