72 Wisdoms: A practical guide to make life more meaningfu


Jeff Rasley

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How do you create a good life, a life true to your values, a beautiful and meaningful life? This is a guidebook to help you do that. Wisdom is offered to enhance your spiritual, psychological, and philosophical health. The 72 Wisdoms cover 72 concerns all thinking people care about. The wisdoms are quotes which introduce particular topics of concern. They come from sources as diverse as Old Testament proverbs, ancient Greek and Roman aphorisms, Quaker values, a Beatles song, neuroscience, astrophysics, and memorable lines from classic flicks and TV shows. The people quoted are also a diverse lot, including, for example, Jesus, Muhammad Ali, the Dalai Lama, Betty White, and Stephen Hawking.
The topics covered range from ordinary, daily concerns to the deepest philosophical questions. How should you deal with boredom? What is the “golden mean” of balancing living for today, planning for the future, and learning from the past? Does God exist? What is the evidence of an afterlife? How do you become your highest and best self? Which has more value, winning or doing your best? What constitutes an existentially meaningful life? Why do people vote for tyrants like Putin and what should be done about the Russian invasion of Ukraine? What is the greatest danger to democracy, and what is the greatest danger to the economy? Topics relevant to each stage of life are covered: giving birth to a baby, falling in love, and parenting, as well as grieving the loss of loved ones, and preparing for your own death.

Jeff Rasley tells the story behind each quote and then teases out more profound meanings than the conventional ones. He enlivens the discussion by drawing on his own personal experiences. The book offers inspiration, advice, includes humorous observations, and asks probing questions. It will deepen your understanding of how to live a meaningful life.