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The article presents memories of the author when he chaired a book review panel on sociologist Fred Dallmayr's book "Critical Encounters," at the annual meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences held at Duquesne University in 1989. The author says that reviewers Peter Kivisto and Dieter Misgeld, each offered insightful and critical commentary on Dalimayr's work after which Dalimayr had the opportunity to respond. Kivisto and Misgeld were friendly and supportive in their reading of Dalimayr. Yet each raises in a somewhat different way that Dalimayr's essays were more oriented toward philosophical abstractions than political or practical matters. The author further says that theoretical reserve must resist the impulse to provide technique and a calculus because the latter offer the false hope of escaping from the hermeneutical. A brief biographical sketch of Dalimayr is provided with a focus on his career. Also a selected bibliography of latest works by Dalimayr is provided in the article.


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