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Your Life Matters with Jenn and Steve

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It may come as a surprise to some that there are still villages of people throughout the world that have been unaffected by modern society. They live without running water, electricity, sometimes even schools. Their heat their homes, cook their food, do everything needed with burning wood. They have no idea of how harmful the carbon smoke is. Each family lives in a beautiful, hand-chiseled stone houses with flower gardens. There is no healthcare. The specific place we will be talking about today is exactly as I have described to you. It is a village in a remote valley in the Solu region of Nepal named Basa. Our guest today, with 2 other adventurers were only the third group of white people ever seen in this village of farmers. First they asked for education for their children, then electricity for their village. It is an amazing story and an ever more remarkable journey for our guest today. He is a lawyer from Indiana, our home state at Your Life Matters. But I truly believe more importantly he is a truly caring person, he is a father, a husband, an author, philanthropist and an educator who has won numerous awards in his career. It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters Jeffrey Rasley.


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