Sarah Ashman

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Education Specialist (EdS)




Indiana School for the Blind has a regular academic program fulfilling the state's requirements, but adjusted to blindness. Only educable children are admissable and when a child is judged to be unable to benefit from the program, he must be rejected for admission or readmission to the school. Many children retained in the school are making minimal gains due to unmet needs for psychotherapy or for a special program designed for retarded or neurologically damaged children.

The present study involves three known groups of mentally handicapped blind children, (1) those who have been rejected for even a trial admission at Indiana School for the Blind because they are judged unable to benefit by an academic program, and (2) those granted a trial admission but rejected for readmission as unable to benefit by the program, and (3) those enrolled in the school but not being served adequately by the present program. The numbers of children in these groups will be presented and their characteristics will be described, in order to understand the types of specific programs needed for the education, training, or care of these children and of the assumed population of multi-handicapped blind children of which they are a part.