Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences

About This Journal

The purpose of the Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences is to promote and advance the social sciences in Indiana by publishing the highest quality social science theory and research papers available. The Journal recognizes and supports the many diverse perspectives and methods across the several social sciences; it neither espouses nor champions any specific ideological, theoretical, methodological, or political commitments. The Journal is committed to intellectual integrity, rigorous standards of scholarship, and rational and civil discourse. It encourages the presentation and free exchange of diverse viewpoints and seeks to foster open and critical inquiry that privileges no particular standpoint while operating within the limits of a standard of discourse and reason that distinguishes between the pursuit of knowledge and truth versus mere assertions of dogma.

Although every effort will be made to publish issues that represent a fair balance of scholarship across the entire spectrum of social science disciplines, the Journal’s first priority will always be to publish the best social science research available at any given time, regardless of disciplinary representation. Toward this end, papers will be accepted for editorial review and publication in the annual issue of the journal at any time of year, whether or not they were presented at the Annual Conference. Persons who submit articles for review are expected to adhere to Author Submission Guidelines.

The Journal has been published annually in the fall both in print and online since Volume 14 (2010–2011). Articles submitted for possible publication are subject to a double-blind review process. The Senior Editor in Chief alone is responsible for making the final decision on all manuscripts and content for publication in the Journal, and the Senior Editor’s decision on publication content is not subject to review by any other member, officer, or body of IASS.

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