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This fourteenth issue of the Journal is the first published under my term as editor and represents a significant departure from the format and editorial-review process of previous years. For one thing, we have moved to an online version of the journal in conjunction with the development of our new Web site (www.iass1.org). All members will be able to access the journal online. Second, the print version of the journal will be a spiral-bound 8.5” X 11” issue available for members to pick up at the next annual meeting, as we will no longer be mailing hard copies to members. The only exception to this policy will be the mailing of a single copy to authors. Those institutions and individuals who would like a hard copy will have to pay an additional printing and mailing fee. (Please contact the editor for further information regarding pricing.) The reason for these changes is simple and straightforward: The Academy, like all organizations, must live within its budget and can no longer afford the high cost of printing and postage, which has accelerated in recent years. There is also the fact that many younger and Web-savvy faculty prefer to access information online.