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James Briscoe


Dmitri Shostakovich was one of the few Soviet musicians able to balance his creative perceptions while adhering to the party‟s needs. Through socio-musical trial and error, Shostakovich was able to become an honest, modernist composer in one of the most difficult environments to be a progressive artist. Each of Shostakovich‟s works contain a piece of his emotional and compositional struggle during his life. He was an honest musician because he valued a variety of different opinions and beliefs that circulated throughout the Soviet Era, and his music vividly reflects this wide array of inspirational material. Although it would be short-sighted to refer to Shostakovich as a truly Soviet composer, it would be incorrect to believe him to be a complete anti-Soviet. Unfortunately, much of the scholarly work discussing Shostakovich places him into the extreme of one category or the other, either as a Soviet apologist and political sympathizer or as a Soviet dissident.

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