Butler Journal of Undergraduate Research

About This Journal

Mission and Editorial Policy

The mission of the Butler Journal of Undergraduate Research (BJUR) is to advance Butler’s commitment to undergraduate research by seeking to publish original, high quality empirical research undertaken by undergraduates from any university. The new journal will be national in scope, will be multidisciplinary, and will seek to publish the best empirical and scholarly research available from undergraduate students anywhere. Submission of original, scholarly research articles will be open to undergraduates from any accredited college and university.

The publication of the Butler Journal of Undergraduate Research is designed to build upon and strengthen Butler’s commitment to quality undergraduate research by providing an outlet for the publication of outstanding undergraduate scholarship. BJUR recognizes and supports diverse disciplines, perspectives and methods across the social sciences, natural and life sciences, the arts and humanities. The Journal publishes papers that represent original research undertaken by a student or students during their undergraduate career.

BJUR is committed to intellectual integrity, rigorous standards of scholarship, and rational and civil discourse. It seeks to foster open and critical inquiry that privileges no particular disciplinary standpoint while operating within the limits of a standard of scientific, scholarly and empirical discourse committed to the pursuit of knowledge and truth. While every effort will be made to publish issues that represent a fair balance of scholarship across the entire spectrum of undergraduate studies, the Journal’s first priority will always be to publish the best undergraduate research available at any given time regardless of disciplinary representation.