Butler Journal of Undergraduate Research

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Dr. Greta Pennell


Frozen holds box office records for both Disney Princess films and animated features as a genre. The key to its success was capturing not only girls, but the whole child market of both girls and boys. How did “a princess movie” come to capture the heart and mind of the stereotypical American boy? Through analytical review of the film, as well as previous research on boys and their media preferences, I identify four factors that contribute to Frozen’s success: focused advertising, exciting action scenes, appealing humor, and a higher ratio of male to female characters. These factors have enabled boys to declare their love for Frozen without feeling the pressure of society telling them they were straying from gender appropriateness. My research demonstrates how certain features of a film can be influential, as well as the solidified nature of gender constancy in young boys, since the aspects that were meant to appeal to them did.