Dialogue between Hindus and Christians in recent times appears to be dominated by the controversies concerning proselytizing and conversion. While these are important issues and ought not to be overlooked in Hindu-Christian interactions, we ignore, to our mutual deprivation, the wealth of insight about the nature of God and the meaning of being religious that are the fruits of reflection, practice and experience in our traditions. Our exploration of these issues reveal shared convictions, challenging questions for each other and the recognition that religious growth does not occur only through encounters within the boundaries of one's own religious world. While the Christian scholar, Marcus Borg, rarely refers to Hinduism in his writings, his interpretations of Christianity suggest exciting possibilities for dialogue between both traditions. This article is an attempt to identify, from an Advaita perspective, some of the potential issues for dialogue arising from Borg's work and a few questions that may be meaningfully raised and pursued. I am a listener to Borg's "Christian conversation" and offer these thoughts as an initial response.

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