Ravi M. Gupta


"Now that steam, electricity, and the printing press have brought into closer communication the different races that inhabit the earth, and have expanded the minds of men, tending to dispel the illusion that God Almighty especially favours any particular people, it is time to proclaim to the world, that if a messenger of God appeared in Judea about nineteen hundred years ago, it is no less true that a messenger from the same God appeared in the quiet town of Navadweep (popularly known as Nadia) in Bengal, some fifteen centuries later. The former is known by the name of Jesus Christ; the latter is known in India by the name of Sree Gauranga, Sree Krishna Chaitanya, and several other names. If wonders attended Jesus, so also they attended Sree Gauranga of Nadia.

The Christians have conferred an inestimable obligation upon those Hindus whose faith has been affected by Western materialism, by presenting Christ to them; and they, as a grateful return, are anxious to present Sree Krishna and Sree Gauranga to the people of the West."

So begins Shishir Kumar Ghose's lengthy biography of Caitanya, published at the turn of the twentieth century.

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