David C. Scott


I want to begin my "response" -- which is in actuality more of the nature of participating in a conversation -- to Professor Dabholkar's observations by saying how much I appreciate his setting the tone of our interchange by stressing the centrality of the "inner dialogue" in Gandhiji's life. Certainly this is an essential element for an adequate understanding the incredible mahatma, or "great soul." Despite the obvious differences in faith nurtured by the Hindu and Christian religious traditions, Gandhiji, in his own peculiar manner, attempted to live out the Hindu and Christian modes of life. Gandhi, the Hindu, was suffused by what he himself spoke of as the "Christ-like spirit which uniquely expresses both the spirit and the will of God, and exists among us." Perhaps we can further our appreciation of this crucial constituent in Gandhiji's life by probing a bit more deeply while remaining sensitive to the dynamic of the "inner dialogue," so rightly stressed by Professor Dabholkar.

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