Christianity in India is almost as old as Christianity itself. It is vain to think that Christianity can be seen as an isolable element in Indian culture. While the new religion settled down quietly in several parts of India, it naturally took on the Brahminic mode of life. The Syrian Christians in Kerala, for instance, are committed to a Brahminic custom like casting the horoscope and looking for a matching horoscope before finalizing a marriage. Father Beschi in Tamil Nadu donned Indian dress and wrote in Tamil. His poem Tembavani is justly famous. Each verse found in E. P. Krishna Pillai's epic, Rakshaniya Yatrikam, is an echo from Tamil hymnology like the Divya Prabhandham and Thevaram. Today we even have a Christu Bhagavatham which astutely relates the life of Jesus Christ to Vedic inspirations.

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