Work Title

The Barrier Between


Richard Moores


It was one o'clock in the afternoon, and the crowd in the restaurant was thining. A dark-haired woman played on an elevated organ, and the waitresses walked wearily between the empty tables, collecting dishes and silverware. Big electric fans moved back and forth with sluggish precision, and stirred the rising cigarette smoke. The restaurant was slowly, almost imperceptibly, becoming enveloped in an atmosphere of lanquorous silence that would last until dinner-time.

Two young men sat facing each other across a linen-topped table, and a woman looked at them through the twisted iron grill-work that separated the two tables. The woman, sitting alone at her table, lighted a cigarette. She blew a thin stream of smoke between the lacy bars of the grill-work, and stared at the bright blond heads of the two young men. She looked at the tanned smoothness of their faces, at the slope of their broad shoulders, at the moving muscles in their arms. Her heart pounded painfully, and she felt a tender warmth spreading over her entire body.



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