George W. Coffin


After struggling with and against Chaucer the other night I'm inclined to raise my voice in loud and lusty agreement, that the study of poetry is difficult. Confound it, at times it seems nearly impossible! There have been nights when I have battled so with evasive symbolism or grasped vainly at some flowery, ethereal imagery, that I have been tempted to rationalize my way out of the whole situation. "Hell, Doc, you can't let this crazy thing drive you nuts. Besides, it's just not worth it. Poetry isn't of any use to you anyway!" Brother, I know just how you feel! But the University requires a certain amount of English Literature before you can scamper cheerfully from the University College into the college of your choice. English Literature includes 'poetry and there must be some reason behind it. Now I don't pretend to know all the answers on this academic system, but here are a few of my own ideas. I'm going to try to show you how you can practically , get an "A. B." background by poetry alone.



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