Work Title

Not Very Much


George W. Coffin


MAGGIE Malone tucked number in t 0 her shabby purse and goodby to Dominic. Each evening he gave her a ride home from the department store where she worked as a seamstress in the alterations room. Tonight, Dominic had sold her a quarter chance in a pool sponsored by the Italian churches of the city; he had sold the chances all along his vegetable route. At first Maggie argued that she just couldn't afford it. Why, she was behind on her rent as it was, and if it weren't for the kindness of old Mrs. Ruben, she'd be without a room now. It took a long time to pay doctor bills on her salary, and when a body was old they stayed sick for such a long time that the bills came high. But Dominic said it was all for the Church, and, after all, wouldn't the good Lord and all the saints see to it that she won?



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