Work Title

Old Man


Marvin walked slowly. His feet felt like two pancakes. He could no longer feel them except they were so hot. Just like a couple of pancakes. Flabby old hot pancakes. Marvin stopped under a big oak all hung with Spanish moss. It was cool here .. as cool as it ever was in Louisiana .. like when he went down into the swamps in the afternoon. Sticky cool like damp rags around his body. Marvin squinted with concentration. There was a broken down shack up the hill a way. Looked like there was a gal on the porch. Marvin laughed way up high. Always was a gal out on the front porch, leaning against an old unpainted railing. A skinny gal in a sweat-streaked calico dress with wiggly hips and a flat bosom. Sometimes a scraggly little old chile or two. Marvin laughed again, way up high.



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