Demaris Klicka


Her house-dress is faultlessly tailored. She wears sheer hose and high heels. Her sleek, upswept hair-do is in shining order at 6:00 a.m. Her house, which was a tumbled-down shack bought for almost nothing, has been remodeled with only a few dollars and quantities of ingenuity into a decorator's dream; most of the furniture, deep, handrubbed mahogany, was found in a back street second-hand shop for a few pennies and refinished. Her house is in ship-shape order (Navy style) not later than 8:00 a.m. She does a weekly laundry for seven. people before breakfast without marring her manicure. She prepares meals which are delectable, nutritious, economical, and original; her table appointments are correct and her centerpieces distinctive. Her children are intelligent, punctual, handsome, and always neat; her husband adores her. She is, of course, the model in the magazine ads, and frankly, I am very weary of her smug and everlasting perfection. Today's housewife is a harried individual exhausted by the effort...



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