Work Title

High and Inside


Clyde J. Steckel


Mike Barsen squirmed uneasily in his seat in the press box and peered over onto the playing field, now nearly completely shrouded by the shadows of the west grandstand and bleachers. The game had gone into extra innings, and there was apparently little hope for an immediat~ break in .the one-to-one .deadlock. Al Rosar was pitching for the GIants, startmg the game with a won-lost record of eight and thirteen for the 1948 season. But Mike Barsen, covering the game for the Gazette, knew, perhaps better than anyone else in the stands, how bitterly Al Rosar needed to win the game, for Mike had been in the Giant dressing-room not over a week ago when Al Rosar had lost his game with the Phils, and Mike had heard the conversation between Al Rosar and the young New York catcher, Tex Radcliffe. Mike had been standing in one corner of the locker room talking to the old man when Al and Tex had come down the ramp and in the door from the field. Mike wasn't able to see the men as they talked, but he was close enough to hear the soft-spoken Texan.



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