Work Title

Question on a Bus


Jack T. Kilgore


"May I - ," George cleared his throat. "I wonder if I could take Jean to the show with me tonight." His words were engulfed by the silence that spread over the table. "(Why doesn't somebody say something'? They can't say no, they just can't. What are they waiting for?) I wouldn't be in late and there is no school tomorrow."

The mother looked up and smiled, and looked to the father for the first word. He said, "Jean who?"

"Jean Newcomb. She is in my English class. (And she smiles when she looks at me, and when she smiles I want to smile too. But I can't say that.) She lives on the south side."

"Is she a nice girl?"

"Sure, Mom, she's swell!" The mother looked down at her plate. "That is, she's alright. She's a nice girl."



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