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An Open Letter


Dear Frank:-
You always were a tall girl in comparison with others your age. I remember you when you were eight-rather skinny, extremely long-legged, and long brown curls, not the warm vibrant brown of an autumn leaf, but a plain ordinary brown which was very common. And you haven't changed a bit, except to shoot up to five feet nine inches, and you've lost your long curls. You are still comparatively tall, still have those long legs, and that ordinary brown hair. And your eyes - they still look as if you had rubbed them too far into your face. Whenever you are bored, your eyes will give you away. When you adapt a cynical mental attitude, I can tell it immediately. I'm not the only one who has noticed that. Others have remarked about that to me. Brown eyes aren't extremely pretty-yours are just described as "brown eyes." I remember how you always used to sigh and wish that you possessed "limpid pools of brown" which every heroine in your favorite books had. Remember those long eyelashes your cousin used to envy so? They seem to get shorter all the time.



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