Work Title

What I Believe


Jim Mitchell


In the last two or three years, it has been extremely difficult for the peoples of the world to find anything strong, permanent, or lasting enough to withstand the ravages of war. Dreams and cherished hopes have been consumed overnight or in the space of but an hour or two by the ever growing blaze which is threatening to engulf the entire universe. Men have come to believe only in the strength and power of the sword and the maxim that "might makes right." The cries of the idealist that war can be banished from the earth are lost in the roar of cannon, the clump-clump of marching feet, and the screams of fanatical "soap-box orators." And, indeed, as the forces of evil continue to succeed in their nefarious schemes, it is hard to believe that there is any force in the world at the command of man which can overcome the great god Mars and his followers. But a force is there; a force which has proven its powers over and over again where men are ready and willing to accept it as a means of combating evil. I refer to one of the most potent forces known to man, if he will only realize it - the force of education.



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