Jim Mitchell


"What is this thing called Io-o-ove?" wails the radio crooner in his agonized search for the "sweet mystery of life." All over the country, dowagers and damsels alike sigh and shed a tear of pity; and "the poor fellow" is voted to a high place among the ranking stars of radio. As his popularity increases, his paycheck grows about in proportion to the square of his "public," and life becomes a song for the crooner with the "catch" in his voice. What is the first thing our poor love-starved hero does upon landing a spot on a coast-to- coast network? Why, he flies back to Sac City and marries the winsome little lass with whom he has been in love all the time, of course. Oh, it's an old, old story, but it can't fool me anymore. I can see through it all with ease, because my problem is the counterbalance of that of the crooner.



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