Here you will find scholarly and other professional works of faculty in Economics, Finance, and Business Law.


Documents from 2010

Further Examination of Equity Returns and Seasonal Depression, Steven D. Dolvin, Mark K. Pyles, and Qun Wu


Asset Allocation for Retirement: Simple Heuristics and Target-Date Funds, Steven D. Dolvin, William K. Templeton, and William Rieber

Simple Pigovian Taxes vs. Emission Fees to Control Negative Externalities: A Pedagogical Note, Robert S. Main

Documents from 2009

Three Stories and Their Morals, Robert B. Bennett

Earnings Guidance: How Should Companies Interact with the Market?, Steven D. Dolvin

REIT IPOs and the Cost of Going Public, Steven D. Dolvin and Mark Pyles

U.S. Energy Policy and the Presumption of Market Failure, Peter Z. Grossman


The JEC Revisited: Did Debt Undermine Stability?, Peter Z. Grossman and Kathy A. Paulson Gjerde

Documents from 2008

Information Asymmetry and the Cost of Going Public for Equity Carve Outs, Steven D. Dolvin, Karen M. Hogan, and Gerad T. Olson

Underpricing, Overhang, and the Cost of Going Public to Preexisting Shareholders, Steven D. Dolvin and Bradford D. Jordan

Spoiled Brands: Protecting Your Company's Goodwill and Assets from Food Contamination Claims, Zachary S. Finn, Timothy Anderson, and Donald Lund

If Ethanol is the Answer, What is the Question, Peter Z. Grossman

How Do Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Texts Deal with the Simple Model of the Intertemporal Allocation of a Nonrenewable Resource, Robert S. Main

Documents from 2007

“Off the Rack” versus “Savile Row” The Value of Custom Tailoring for Equity Investors, Steven D. Dolvin, Brent W. Ambrose, and John Gonas

Market Efficiency at the Derby: A Real Horse Race, Steven D. Dolvin and Mark K. Pyles

Prior Debt and the Cost of Going Public, Steven D. Dolvin and Mark K. Pyles

Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Pricing of IPOs, Steven D. Dolvin and Mark K. Pyles

Not Every Risk Manager Needs To Become An ERM, Zachary S. Finn

Potential Tax Law Changes and Income Property Values, William D. Terando and Marvin L. Bouillon

Documents from 2006

The Effect of Instructional Technologies on the Finance Classroom, Steven D. Dolvin, J. Michael Morgan, and Mark Pyles

Financial education and asset allocation, Steven D. Dolvin and William K. Templeton

Documents from 2005

How Groups Produce Higher-Quality Balanced Scorecards than Individuals, S. B. Hughes, Craig B. Caldwell, Kathy A. Paulson Gjerde, and Pam Rouse

Documents from 2004

What do you Charge? It Depends., Zachary S. Finn

Documents from 2003

Intertemporal Covariance and Correlation Stability in Mexican Stock Returns, Roberto Curci, Terrance Grieb, and Mario Reyes

Why Not RMs in in Insurance Agencies?, Zachary S. Finn

Do Different Cost Systems Make a Difference?, S. B. Hughes and Kathy A. Paulson Gjerde

Documents from 2002

New Product Innovation with Multiple Features and Technology Constraints, Kathy A. Paulson Gjerde, S. A. Slotnick, and M. J. Sobel

An Investigation of Adjustable-rate Mortgage Pricing Features, William K. Templeton, Robert S. Main, and J. B. Orris

Documents from 2001

Market Interdependence; Gold Bullion, S&P500, Mining Company ADR’s and Underlying Security Markets, Roberto Curci, Robert A. Clark, and Cynthia J. Brown

Returns on Bank Deposits in Latin America, (Is There a Free Lunch?), Robert Grosse, Evan Tanner, and Roberto Roberto Curci

Documents from 2000

Determinants of share price movements in emerging equity markets: some evidence from America's past, Peter Z. Grossman

Documents from 1999

Seeing is believing; or is it? An emperical study of computer simulations as evidence., Robert B. Bennett, Jordan H. Leibman, and Richard Fetter

When is Command-and-Control Efficient? Institutions, Technology and the Comparative Efficiency of Alternative Regulatory Regimes for Environmental Protection, Peter Z. Grossman and Daniel H. Cole

The Federal Trademark Dilution Act of 1995: Potent Weapon or Uphill Battle?, Erin J. Roth and Robert B. Bennett

Documents from 1996

A simulation approach to the choice between fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, William K. Templeton, Robert S. Main, and J. B. Orris

Documents from 1992

The Effect of Nonbank Diversification on Bank Holding Company Risk, William K. Templeton and Jacobus T. Severiens

Documents from 1988

Aspects of Countertrade and Development, William Rieber